What other practitioners say:

"I’m truly so grateful. The results are phenomenal!"
- SW - Queensland, Australia -

"I love the scoliosis work - it’s amazing!"
- LD - California, USA -

"The moves for head extension blow me away."
- KW - California, USA -

"The lumbar disc work saved me! Thank you for sharing."
- GB - Australia -

"Your work is very profound yet simple and straightforward!"
- PM - Oxford, UK -

"This stuff is so simple - I don’t believe it works so quickly."
- ST - Lancashire, UK -

"I love the work for pronated feet - it’s a game changer and made a big difference to so many people. Wunderbar!"
- SL - Germany -
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Uneven shoulder height and limited trunk rotation are just two of the problems this quick and innovative QL work will address.

Indications for use:

      • Low back pain
      • Restricted trunk rotation
      • Restricted side bending (lateral flexion)
      • Restricted flexion or extension of the spine
      • Leg length difference
      • Pelvic balancing
      • Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction
      • Uneven shoulder height
      • Tenderness in the area lateral to the kidneys
      • Tissue tension of the QL
      • Stiffness and tension through the lumbar area adjacent to the spine

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