Class 3 - ART of BODYWORK training

What other practitioners say:

"I’m truly so grateful. The results are phenomenal!"
- SW - Queensland, Australia -

"I love the scoliosis work - it’s amazing!"
- LD - California, USA -

"The moves for head extension blow me away."
- KW - California, USA -

"The lumbar disc work saved me! Thank you for sharing."
- GB - Australia -

"Your work is very profound yet simple and straightforward!"
- PM - Oxford, UK -

"This stuff is so simple - I don’t believe it works so quickly."
- ST - Lancashire, UK -

"I love the work for pronated feet - it’s a game changer and made a big difference to so many people. Wunderbar!"
- SL - Germany -
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Below you find the three tutorials that will be demonstrated and discussed in the Zoom Class 3.

This two our live class offers you the chance to ask questions, review material as many times as you need and for me to provide you with further explanations of the work with some up-to-date additions to the work. Multi-camera angles ensures you'll see everything - just as if you were right in class with us!
(1) Scoliosis

This work can be stunning! Observable changes can be seen and felt in only one session with mild to moderate scoliosis. These photos are typical examples of scoliosis correction for the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Indications for use:
Idiopathic (functional) scoliosis ranging from mild to moderate deviation
(2) Head Extension

This AoB procedure is quick and effective with observable changes in restricted head extension that everyone can see.
You will be amazed at the speed at which this works!

Indications for use:
For when head extension is tight, difficult or restricted.
This may be due to various arthritic or related joint or soft tissue problem
(3) Piriformis

The well known 'piriformis syndrome' is addressed by this work. This AoB procedure is also indicated for people with sciatica, tight glutes or outwardly rotated thighs.

Indications for use:
Piriformis Syndrome / sciatic pain
Pain in the middle of the buttock
Tissue tension in the gluteal / hip area
Sacrum feels restricted, tight or immobile
Low back pain
We offer the class in 2 time zones - choose whatever works best for you.
You also have the opportunity to purchase an additional ONE MONTH access time to all three tutorials from our library, commencing immediately after the class.

Live, online classes have become THE way to learn new skills and improve our clinical outcomes.

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Alastair and Silke
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